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Christopher N Muzio May 26, 2021
The process was smooth from start to finish, timely communications, no mystery. Wife and I are very pleased.
Cindy R Fruge May 22, 2021
Very efficient.
Cory D Henn Jr. May 14, 2021
Heather did an outstanding job in every aspect of the mortgage process. My situation was unique and difficult, but Heather seemed to know exactly what to do in every situation. She gave me sound advice, followed through on every detail, and brought me to the finish line. I am a first-time homebuyer using the VA home loan. I wholeheartedly recommend Frost Mortgage and Heather Foote-Jasso for first-time homebuyers, veterans, and anybody looking for a more personal approach to buying a home.
Lisa F Lujan May 6, 2021
Heather and Patricia were very professional and helpful. Heather went above and beyond to guide me and help me during the entire process. I am beyond grateful and also appreciative.
Kelly Bollin May 6, 2021
I am a first time homebuyer. Heather explained little to nothing. She communicated only through e-mail. She would answer questions with links to websites or attachments to documents. The few times she did call me was to tell me I was wrong for complaining about her not responding for three days and another time to threaten to cancel my loan 3 days before closing because I told the builder she had shady business practices. It was a terrible experience. I had to go to other lenders to get the information she should have been providing. I got a credit from the builder to use frost mortgage that was not worth all the stress and confusion.