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Nader H May 4, 2022
Thank you!
Robert M F April 28, 2022
This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to getting loans for houses. So I have many previous experiences to compare this one to. You really knocked it out of the park. Smooth! Responsive! Helpful! Competent! Amazing attention to detail, and you always knew exactly who I was and where it was we left off. Which tells me you are incredibly organized. Thanks so much for everything! Rob Fox
Geoffrey John D April 16, 2022
Too many errors on communication levels. Not knowing anything on VA materials, who is a DISABLED VETERAN to a REGULAR VETERAN. Staff got too ANGRILY with me as the purchaser. Staff is very rude on communication by phone calls, showed me only she could call me, but I could not call her. Everything was based on EMAIL MESSAGES, yet she calls me, and say to call her back, yet never answered my calls. I found that to be VERY RUDE. I will make a note to Veterans Administration as well. Staff treated me like I was begging for this home. Not, only that I fought for FREEDOM for the United States, just like any other Military personnel. I did not want to be treated any differently, but to be treated with RESPECT. I got better treatment from the staff on Wyoming office. Some staff need to re-learn PERSONALITY 101 all over again. Sorry, to say I will not be using this MORTGAGE on any other home purchasing.
Martha Jo T April 16, 2022
Heather was very good to work with. Always responsive to my needs. Thanks, Martha Thomas-Garcia
Sara L April 9, 2022
I had an amazing experience with Heather and Patricia. They were responsive m, helpful, available and made the entire process smooth and seamless. Thank you!