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Michael R J June 29, 2022
The online process was easy. Uploaded the info that was being requested and was finished.
Loretta T June 29, 2022
Great job by both Heather and Patricia!
Charles A R June 25, 2022
We started looking for a loan for our new home with our previous mortgage company. There seemed to be a roadblock with every turn. Our builder suggested Heather and all of a sudden everything was falling in place with minimal effort. A couple of glitches caused by us opening new accounts but she directed us on how to get that adjusted and we closed on tome!
Diana L B June 25, 2022
Heather was very helpful with all steps of the loan approval process as we embarked on this while living in TN.
Danette C H June 22, 2022
Heather is knowledgeable in her field and is always willing to explain the process in detail, even if it takes more than once, like she did for me. Heather is responsive, polite and her customer service is impeccable. It was a pleasure working with Heather and she is a master of her craft.